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Fireworks Training and Services

Rainbow Fireworks retail customer service is aimed at giving all our customers the best experience and maintaining the highest safety standards.

To help achieve this, we offer, in most cases free training and advice. For people, clubs, pubs, local events, charity organisations etc who want to put on an organised display we can deliver category 3 display fireworks training. Additionally, we can put together a firing pack/order.

Training can be for up to 6 people at a time and generally requires an half day timescale. The training can help with obtaining public liability insurance and most importantly will create a competent, safe display for your audience and the people running the event

Firing packs can help you and are a hassle free way of putting on a display. Simply supply us with your firework budget and we will put together a list of fireworks, produce a firing order (a simple step by step guide to follow for firing your fireworks), portfires (water and wind proof lighters for lighting fireworks) and firing duration.

Contact us for further advice and arrange your whole display with a professional firework company. We can help you put on a seamless firework display and make the event a professional class of its own.

01652 659416


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